Wish List of DJI Phantom 5


The DJI Phantom 5 has rumored for a long time, it will replace current Phantom 4 series drones. Latest rumored release date of DJI Phantom 5 is in later this year, after the announcement of DJI Spark. And the rumored US price for DJI Phantom 5 is around $2,000.

Below are a wish list features of Phantom 5 from Tomstechtime:

  1. Zoom. After DJI had significantly improved the camera of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, it is about time for a zoom function.
  2. Instead of infrared sensors I would prefer a camera based system at the sides.
  3. Solve this problem: DJI has to ensure that the propellers cannot be seen on the shots during a normal flight forward. Focal distance, design of the propellers, the position of the motors and the camera.
  4. VR is the key word (or the short form). The DJI Mavic Pro had already promised us Virtual Reality, however, the announced glasses are not in sight yet.
  5. A protection against splashing water is not absolutely essential but it would be a great improvement, too.
  6. Integrated ND filters would be a big gain for all ambitious drone cameramen (and camerawomen).
  7. Flying time. Here the motto applies: The longer the better.
  8. If the new Phantom 5 offered new possibilities for upgrading the equipment (such as different camera and light systems) that would be pretty cool and wouldn´t give you the kind of feeling that only after three months there is a new and better model.

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