Update: Delay of DJI Mavic 2 & Pro 2 Announcement is Due to Shortage of Mass-production Capacity


According to latest rumors from OsitaLV, the delay of DJI Mavic 2 & Mavic Pro 2 announcement is due to shortage of mass production capacity. The previous rumored “design failure of the gimbal” is fake.

From OsitaLV:

According to a core person from DJI HQ, the “See the Bigger Picture” event postponed due to shortage of mass-production capacity. DJI needs to prepare more products to avoid shipment issues, so you can get your new drone quickly. The rumored “design failure” DOES NOT exist.

Sorry for the changing info, but I got a phone call from DJI HQ just now, they confirmed that the postponement was made on account of production capacity shortage, they don’t wanna see shipment issues on new product. (of course we know what product is)