Review: DJI Spark’s Battery Life is too Short !

dji spark

DJI Spark (DJI/Amazon/B&H Photo/Adorama) has now officially announced, there are a lot of great reviews of DJI Spark online. The review from Mashable said that DJI Spark is tiny and fast, only the bad point is that it’s flight time is too short.

Mashable said that the DJI Spark only flied 12 minutes when it start coming back.

From Mashable:

I was having so much fun testing, until the low battery warning started going off at about 19% of battery life. By 10% the drone was automatically heading back home. By my reckoning, I got about 12 minutes of flight time.

The Good

Excellent design. Filled with intelligence. Affordable Good camera QuickShots simplifies complex flight plans

The Bad

Flight time too short Software hides key features Panorama and shallow focus need work Base price should include propeller guards Quickshots needs refinement to keep the drone from flying too far away.