List of New DJI Drones to be Released in 2018


DJI has already released the new Mavic Air foldable drone last month, a new drone between DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Spark. According to our source, here is a list of new DJI drones will be announced in 2018. See the list below:

DJI Mavic Pro 2: Coming in March, 2018

mavic pro 2 a

DJI Mavic Pro II is rumored to be announced in March, 2018, and will be released in late March. According to previous rumors, DJI Mavic Pro 2 will feature with a new 1 inch CMOS sensor, and 28mm lens, design similar as current Mavic Pro, while size a little bigger than Mavic Pro. The flight time will be about 35 minutes, also coming with improved dynamic range (11 stops), color sensitivity, ISO range, Noise Reduce and more. You can see the detailed rumored design, specs of Mavic Pro 2 here.

DJI Phantom 5: Coming in the Second Half of 2018

dji phantom 5

DJI Phantom 5 is rumored to be announced after Mavic Pro 2, the release date maybe in this Summer to the second half of this year. DJI Phantom 5 will also feature with a new 1 inch CMOS sensor, while unlike Mavic Pro 2, Phantom 5 will have an interchangeable lens camera, coming with new DL-M mount lens. The flight time will be around 33 minutes, and max flight range is 7 KM. You can see more detailed rumored design, specs of Phantom 5 here.

DJI Inspire 3: Coming in late 2018 to ealry 2019

DJI may also announce a new Inspire 3 in late this year to early next year. Inspire 3 will take advantage currently Inspire 2 on the design, max take-off weight increased, flightautonomy system upgrade, MicroSD card slot upgrade to UHS-II. You can take a look at detailed rumors of DJI Inpsire 3.