First Specs Rumors on DJI Inspire 3

dji inspire 2

DJI has recently released the new Mavic Air, and DJI will also release Mavic Pro 2 and Phantom 5 in this year. In late 2018 to early 2019, DJI will also update their Inspire series drones with all new Inspire 3.

Here are first rumored specs list of upcoming DJI Inspire 3: (Google Translated)

  • Inspire 3 design will take the advantages of Inspire 2, similar design as current Inspire 2.
  • There will be more internal upgrade than design. Such as image processing system CineCore will be upgraded to version 3.0, ISP upgrade, color science upgrade, will have the highest 8K CinemaDNG RAW image processing capabilities(Through firmware update). Inspire 3 will continue to use XiLINX image processing chip solutions. S ame with this generation of Inspire, RAW and ProRes recordings will continue to be unlocked using the Authorization Key, allowing users to purchase the appropriate licenses based on their needs.
  • Power system upgrade, Inspire 2 maximum take-off weight is 4,000g, and mount the Zenmuse X7 take-off weight of 4,087g, from the aviation point of view has been considered overloaded, so Inspire 3 will continue to upgrade power, the maximum takeoff weight will be Up to 4,500-5,000g, 600g class workload loading life will return to 25 minutes, loading 450g class workload life can be close to 30 minutes, which means that the body has to become larger.
  • FlightAutonomy system upgrade, front and lower binocular VIO resolution will be upgraded from the previous 640 × 480 to 800 × 600, while looking forward to add a pair of infrared TOF for night obstacle avoidance, there is a small chance than Mavic Air’s APAS will be introduced. 360 ° omnidirectional obstacle avoidance is completely unnecessary for a professional aerial camera. For forward-looking obstacle avoidance, the algorithm will continue to be upgraded to reduce the misoperation of small-scene aerial shots, especially when taking foreground shots (the Inspire 2 fly-over scene at this stage must be completely closed or the plane can not move)
  • FPV probe upgrade, improved dynamic range, FOV more open, flyer perspective more comfortable looking
  • MicroSD card slot upgrade to UHS-II, and the introduction of high-speed CineSSD memory card and is equipped with exFAT file system, the existing Inspire 2 SSD continuous write only 700MB / s, can not meet the 8K uncompressed serial frame write Speed requirements. The new high-speed version of CineSSD can support 8K serial frame write, while the existing CineSSD can also be used to Inspire 3, but does not support 8K recording. In addition, the CDNGs for Inspire 1 RAW and Inspire 2 are 2: 1 compressed RAWs, not uncompressed RAWs.
  • There will be two to three new cameras at first, 1 inch, MFT and S35 each one, of course, may also abandon the 1-inch (for Phantom 5), dynamic range increased by a stop, one year later release a 8K Movie camera, along with firmware update to unlock 8K recording capability. DL mount lens launched electronic servo stepless aperture movie head, with Cendence’s infinite knob can be the same as with the ground film machine with the light hole, used to capture light bright and dark scenes vary greatly.The X7’s four heads are camera head, the aperture is not infinitely adjustable.
  • DGC interface upgrade to 3.0, reliability and higher bandwidth, PTZ board design may be modified to suit the heavy load, eliminating the Inspire 2 highly mobile and easy to shoot platform, which means that the Inspire 2 camera may not be compatible with Inspire 3
  • The remote control should be directly on the C control of it, at least it should be a derived model GL800A.
  • Spotlight Pro can memorize the PTZ pitch and yaw angle, so that the large night sky night shooting more easily
  • The next generation of LB map transmission, reduce the delay on the basis of the existing, picture coding for HEVC

via: OsitaLV & Kanzhaji