DJI Spark Leaked Video

The DJI Spark is rumored to be announced next week on May 24th, 2017. Here is a leaked video shows the upcoming DJI Spark mini drone. Take a look above. According to previous rumors, DJI Spark will support wireless charging.

The specs of DJI Spark has rumored for a long time, you can the detail below:

  • The size of the Spark will be tiny. You can expect something around 130x150mm, much smaller than the Mavic despite the fact that it can’t fold.
  • There will be 2 ways to charge the Battery: Via regular USB mini or type-c and with charging station that will look like a little tray that you can throw the battery in and it will suck the connectors with magnet like a Mag Safe on Macbook.
  • The flight time will not exceed 20 minutes, as it’s hard to make such a small drone efficient.
  • Wireless Charging
  • It will have the Infrared sensor for the obstacle avoidance in front, but the speed will be limited with OA on.
  • Sonar sensors and VPS of course!
  • GPS and Glonass modules will be included in every model
  • DJI Spark will include 12 megapixel 4K camera with the 2-axis gimbal
  • All the features available on Mavic will be added to the Spark as well
  • DJI Might sell a kit that includes the DJI Goggels
  • You might have to purchase the Remote controller separately or there will be 2 versions with and without RC. The Controller will look exactly the same as Mavic one.

Stay tuned for more info.