DJI RoboMaster S1 Announced, Price $499 !

DJI has officially announced the new RoboMaster S1 FPV robot today. The US price for RoboMaster S1 is $499, now already in stock at DJI/Amazon/B&H Photo Video/Adorama.

Product Highlights

  • Learn Programming Concepts with Scratch
  • Expand Robotics & Technical Knowledge
  • Project-Based Courses & Video Tutorials
  • First-Person Racing & Game Modes
  • 128° 1080/720 FPV Gimbal Camera
  • Omnidirectional Chassis/Brushless Motor
  • 6 Audio/Visual Recognition Functions
  • Track People + React to Other Robots
  • Reach to Claps + 44 Visual Markers
  • Intelligent Sensing Armor

Enter the world of programming, robotics, and AI with the RoboMaster S1 Educational Robot from DJI. It’s a fun and interactive hands-on robot tank that you construct and program yourself. Play games, perform tasks, and learn valuable skills along the way.

DJI’s “Road to Mastery” project-based series of courses and RoboAcademy video tutorials are engineered to make beginners into experts while expanding a genuine understanding of robotic principles & technical knowledge. When constructed, you can breathe life into the S1 with your own custom programming.

You can program in block-based Scratch 3.0 programming language or Python. When adding functions and skills to the S1 robot, you can utilize six different audio/visual recognition functions.

Programming is done via a compatible tablet or smartphone which can also be used to control the S1. Use the 1080/720 gimbal camera to enjoy an immersive first-person experience and have fun playing solo or multiplayer games against other S1 robots.

AI Programming + 6 Recognition Functions
What the RoboMaster can do is entirely up to you and how you combine the six different recognition functions. They include a combination of visual and audio recognition abilities

Line Follow: Create your own fun and interactive course for the S1 to automatically follow
Vision Markers: The S1 can recognize and react to up to 44 visual markets such as numbers, letters, and special characters
Follow: You can give the S1 the ability to track and follow a person in its field of vision
Clap: Program responses to audible clapping based on varying rhythms and quantity of claps
Hand Gestures: The S1 can respond to an array of physical hand gestures
S1 Robots: Your S1 can recognize other S1 robots and perform custom movements based on your programming

Road to Mastery
Designed to foster a programming mindset, this series of project-based courses and tasks are meant to take you from beginner to expert
The video tutorials included in the RoboAcademy are meant to deliver immersive instructions on how to control your RoboMaster S1. They are also designed to be a fun and engaging way to gain a better understanding of physics, mathematics, and basic programming
FPV + Game Modes
Using the 1080/720 gimbal camera, you can play various games with a first-person view of the action. With the ability to add custom code, you can also tweak your gaming experience by adding skills to the S1 that can be used during gameplay, such as “Hit and Run”, where the S1 will turn and counterattack automatically once hit. The S1 includes support for the following game modes:

Target Practice & Target Race: Solo gaming modes that require you to scan visual markers with the S1 and either practice firing or race from marker to marker
Race: A multiplayer mode where multiple S1 robots race to scan visual markers in sequence as fast as possible
Free-for-All: A multiplayer mode where multiple S1 robots use the integrated blaster to fire gel beads or infrared beams at each other. Additional mystery bonuses can be used to gain an advantage. They include Dizziness, Electromagnetic Interference, Extreme Speed, and Invincibility

Built-In Blaster
The built-in blaster is made to support both digital and physical gaming modes, firing either infrared beams or physical non-toxic gel beads. The S1 can be loaded with approximately 430 non-toxic gel beads, and the mechanical gimbal is designed to automatically limit the launching rate and angle to help ensure safety
Intelligent Sensing Armor
Six sensors make up the intelligent sensing armor system that is designed to detect hits when you use the RoboMaster S1 in competition mode
Brushless Motor + Omnidirectional Movement
The custom brushless motor controls four Mecanum wheels, each with 12 rollers to allow the RoboMaster S1 to achieve omnidirectional movement and precision control