DJI Released White Mavic Pro Combo for $1,049, now In Stock !

dji alpine white mavic pro

DJI has just released a new limited edition Mavic Pro drone with Alpine White color. You can get this Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo now for $1,049 at DJI Store, save $50 off today. This white Mavic Pro has same specs as original Mavic Pro, only the color is alpine white.

The Mavic Pro Alpine White is offered as a Holiday Combo which includes a remote controller, two extra Intelligent Flight Batteries, two additional pairs of propellers and an aircraft sleeve. The remote controller and propellers also come in the alpine white color to give the aircraft a consistent look.

The limited edition Mavic Pro Alpine White will be the newest addition to the Mavic Pro family, which includes the Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum.