DJI Osmo Action Firmware v01.03.00.10 Released !

Just ahead of new DJI announcement, DJI has released new firmware update for DJI Osmo Action, the new firmware version is v01.03.00.10.

  • Date: 2019.06.10
  • Firmware: v01.03.00.10
  • DJI Mimo App iOS: v1.1.4
  • DJI Mimo App Android: v1.1.4
What’s new for the DJI Osmo Action?
  • Optimized 8x slow motion video quality.
  • Fixed issues:
    • When recording for an extended period, the video and audio became out of sync.
    • When using playback, the camera occasionally restarted.
    • When recording, the camera could not connect to DJI Mimo.

How to update firmware on DJI Osmo Action: