DJI GO 4 Version 4.1.4 Detail

dji go 4

DJI has released a new update for DJI GO 4, the new version is 4.1.4. You can take a look at detail of new DJI GO 4 Version 4.1.4:

Added a 180°Pano shooting mode.
Added voice prompts for Advanced Gesture Control mode
Users can now set flight directions for Helix and Circle in QuickShot mode.
Added a new gesture for recording videos.
Phantom 4 Series:
Added gimbal yaw tuning
Inspire 2:
Added gimbal yaw tuning.
Added aspect ratio overlays for the camera view.

Added an album feature that categorizes captured photos and videos.
Added music favoriting.
Updated the music library.
A French lanuage setting is now available.
Added support for the Cendence remote controller.
Users can now set a cache limit automatically based on their device’s available storage space.
Warning records are now categorized by aircraft type.