DJI Announced AirSense: To Add Aircraft Detection to DJI Drones Starting Next Year

DJI has officially announced the new DJI AirSense: Implementing ADS-B technology to let drone pilots detect and avoid traditional aircraft flying nearby.

AirSense is currently embedded in some of DJI’s enterprise-level drones including the Mavic 2 Enterprise. The manufacturer now aims to make the same level of safety and security available to consumers. Instead of relying on sound or sight, ADS-B can identify planes and helicopters from miles away, and display the location on the screen of the remote.

1. DJI will install ADS-B receivers in all new drones above 250 grams.
2. DJI will develop a new automatic warning for drone pilots flying at extended distances.
3. DJI will establish an internal Safety Standards Group to meet regulatory and customer expectations.
4. Aviation industry groups must develop standards for reporting drone incidents.
5. All drone manufacturers should install geofencing and remote identification.
6. Governments must require remote identification.
7. Governments must require a user-friendly knowledge test for new drone pilots.
8. Governments must clearly designate sensitive restriction areas.
9. Local authorities must be allowed to respond to drone threats that are clear and serious.
10. Governments must increase enforcement of laws against unsafe drone operation.