DJI Product Announcement on March 28th, 2018

dji product announcement

According to DJI Enterprise on Twitter, DJI will have a product announcement on March 28th, 2018. Currently, there is no words what product will coming on March 28th, could be Mavic Pro 2, Phantom 5, Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 or MasterWheels. Stay tuned for more info.

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DJI Introduces Voluntary Flight Identification Options For Drone Pilots

dji mavic pro

DJI has just updated its AeroScope drone tracking and identification system to include an optional self-identification feature for drone operators who choose to broadcast the info. With this update, operators can now “voluntarily identify their flight operations to authorities,” DJI explained in a press release. That info will join the serial number and telemetry data DJI drones broadcast to AeroScope receivers used by authorities.

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DJI Announced Flighthub Software to Manage Drone Operations


DJI today just introduced a new software system called Flighhub. The purpose for thie Flighthub software is to help enterprises efficiently manage their drone operations. The Flighthub software is industry’s first fully-integrated, web-based drone management solution delivers tools to help businesses manage live operations, flight Data, fleets and pilot teams. FlightHub will be available by subscription to enterprise customers worldwide through the DJI online store, with pre-orders starting November 7.

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DJI Unveiled AeroScope to Track and Identify Drones in the Air


DJI has announced the AeroScope, a new technology aimed at tracking and identifying DJI drones from afar. With AeroScope, receivers can identify the registration numbers of drones and plot them on a map using the existing communication links between a drone and its controller.

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