3DR’s Site Scan Capture Software now Worked on DJI Drones

dji 3dr

America’s most promising drone startup 3D Robotics just announced today that they are partnered with DJI. This means DJI Drones can now run 3DR’s site scan capture software. According to 3DR, the first DJI drone can run will be Phantom 4 series, and more DJI drones will be supported.

As part of the integration 3DR will sell a bundled Phantom 4 alongside a license to use their site map toolkit, and will also sell the software individually for people who already have a compatible DJI drone.

There are two great reasons for 3DR partnered with DJI:

First, it means that site operators won’t have to buy a new drone just to use 3DR’s software, which could make it more affordable for smaller construction companies who would rather have a multipurpose drone like the Phantom 4.

Second, it also puts 3DR’s software in the hands of a whole new group of people who are comfortable with operating one of DJI’s drones, but didn’t want to spend time figuring out how to use another product.